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Brothers and Sisters,

On Dec. 8, 2015 Extraordinary Jubilee year dedicated to God’s Mercy began.  Pope Francis invites us to look upon the face of Jesus as the face of God’s Mercy. 

Our Pope has challenged us to be practitioners of mercy, not only by contributing to charitable efforts, but also in our personal lives1 We have been asked to view Christ as the gift of God’s love. 

We ask you to join the Divine Mercy Team.  In response to our Pope and our Bishop we have agreed to make the Year of Mercy the time in which we send every parish in the United States a Divine Mercy Parish survival Kit.  We are mailing 50 8x10 photos and 1000 wallet sized cards to these parishes to be placed in and for the parishioners free of charge.  The Divine Mercy team has been sending these packets out for 10 yrs.  Now it is time to push so that all parishes receive the Divine Mercy packet during the Year of Mercy.

Our cost is $15/parish, there are 25,000 parishes in the U.S., and we need $375,000 to accomplish this goal.  Please read the DivineMercyTeam story.  We have the people, printing press, workspace, everything but the postage.

All donations are tax deductible and will help our Pope and Bishop to spread the mercy of St. Faustina.  God wants us to turn to him for mercy while there is still time.  Please click here to read and understand the message of Divine Mercy.

Through this Divine Mercy effort help others understand God’s will for us to receive and give mercy.

Again, I ask you to use the secure link on this page to sponsor a parish, and help increase the level of compassion and grace in our Country.


1 Knights of Columbus Supreme Chaplin Archbishop William E. Lori


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